The best app to collect your photo memories

Collect helps you record all of life's moments in stunning detail.

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Beautiful calendar display

It works like any other calendar but we’ve crafted a sleek, elegant design that puts the focus on your photos. Swipe seamlessly between months, access any photo, and share calendars with friends and family.

Multiple albums & calendars

Unlike other apps, with Collect you’re not limited to just one calendar. Create different calendars for the things that matter most to you. Want one for the meals you had and another for photos of your baby daughter? Go for it.

Perfectly recorded every day

The stunning card-like presentation of your photos creates the perfect record of each day. Date and captions are shown on the front and detailed notes recorded on the back. The format is perfect for sharing and printing.


Full of the features that matter

And designed so that collecting your photos every day is a joy not a chore

Beautiful design.
The finest details always put the focus on your photos.

Calendar view.
See all your photos for every month in a calendar display.

Captions & notes.
Not only add a caption but also add detailed notes to each photo.

Built for sharing.
Share each day & each month via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email.

Ready for printing.
The card format is perfect for printing when exported from the app.

Stunning video slideshows.
Really show off your daily photos in slideshow format, with audio.

Multiple calendars.
Have a different calendar for each part of your life.

Single or multiple photos.
Collect as many photos as you want with the option for just one per day.

Reminders feature.
Daily alert so you don’t miss a day in your “photo a day” quest.

Save to Dropbox & Flickr.
Upgrade to Pro and easily store all your photos & related notes.

Tag your photos.
Use tags to categorise your photos.

Backup & restore your photos & notes.
Keep everything backed up and ready to restore on any device.

And lots more coming soon so don’t start with any other ‘photo a day’ app.